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We have several teams participating in the South Mid Cheshire doubles tennis league.

Ladies A team - captain - Helen Patterson 

Ladies B team - captain - Sheila Barnett

Ladies C team - captain - Shirley Rogers

Mens A team - captain - Simon Turner

Mens B  team - captain - Marc Harney

Mens C team - captain - Neil Rankine


Winter/Spring A team - captain - Simon Turner

Winter/Spring B team - captain - Geoff Dyson 

Winter/Spring C team - captain - Sheila Barnett

Winter/Spring D team - captain - Graham Povey / Stu Beattie

Most matches matches are played on Tuesday and Thursday evenings with the season commencing from the end of April and finishing around the end of July. 

Our Winter and spring doubles tend to play Sunday mornings during winter and spring.

Each match comprises of 4 members who play 2 matches (two sets in each match).  


We are keen to include as many members as possible in our teams in order to enjoy and improve our tennis. If you are interested in playing league tennis please contact one of our captains who will happily discuss any opportunities with you or email:

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